Cassata High School Newsletter and website.

I wrote the story below for the Cassata High School website and newsletter.

Check it out on their website Carrie story

A Cassata Student makes a difference in the community

Carrie Flynn, senior, volunteered to reach out to victims of sexual exploration after the human trafficking minilab last semester with a Fort Worth ministry

The Net, a local nonprofit, partners with Texas Christian University students to teach a week- long human trafficking prevention class at Cassata.

The class gives a deeper understanding of modern day slavery to help students be more aware of human trafficking.

Students learned how to identify, help and protect themselves and others from modern day human trafficking.

Flynn was inspired by the class and decided to start volunteering with the organization.

This experience has really changed Flynn’s life she said.

“I learned that you can get involved, no matter what it is,” she said. “You can make a difference.”

Flynn participates in the Net’s program Rise, which is designed for women incarcerated in Tarrant County jails for prostitution improve their lives.

The group meets four times a month to prey for and visit the incarcerated women at the jail.

Flynn volunteers twice a month, spending about an hour each time with the women to provide spiritual and social support.

Flynn said this has really opened her eyes to the world. She is more aware of what is going on around her she said.

“It has helped me mature,” she said. “I am learning so much from their experiences.”

Since participating in the mini-lab and volunteer program, Flynn has changed her rhetoric and way of thinking she said.

“Some words can be offensive,” Flynn said. “Like pimp, which is used often in a humorous way by people my age. I really watch what I say.”

Angela Fowler, Cassata counselor and administrator, said everything she is learning has made her really want to help others.

“I seen her inner strength just build and build,” Fowler said. “It is truly a beautiful journey. She is sharing herself with others and becoming an extraordinary young woman.”

This has really helped Flynn figure out what she wants to do career wise. Before she had no idea. Now she has a particular interest she said.

“I am really interested in psychology, law, and nonprofit organizations like the Net,” Flynn said.

Flynn graduates in May and plans to attend college the following semester.

“This program is very educational and I would recommend it to anyone,” Flynn said. “I look forward to using this experience to help me in my future.”

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