K2 by the numbers

K2 aka Spice, K4 or Kush, a synthetic marijuana made from herbs, spices and plant material often coated with a synthetic THC compound. 330 percent increase in K2-related exposures reported nationwide between Jan. 1 to April 22, 2015 from the same time period last year. 1,900 exposures reported to CDC from Jan. 1 to April … Continue reading K2 by the numbers


Marketing yourself for success

Marketing yourself for success- Brianna Kessler Networking during and after college can dramatically affect your future career, especially if you are a communications, arts or liberal studies major. Networking with professionals in your field of study opens the door to job opportunities. You know that cliché saying, it is all about who you know? Well, … Continue reading Marketing yourself for success

Meet Valerie Spears

Learn more about Valerie  Valerie Spears, a senior mass communication major, has made the most of her time at Texas Wesleyan University. Spears, 22, transferred to Wesleyan in 2013 and has already participated in a study abroad trip, became a leader in a student organization, won various academic awards and participated in multiple communication related … Continue reading Meet Valerie Spears

Water leakage problems in West Village repaired this week

The water damage to several apartments in the new addition of West Village should be fixed by the end of this week, according to a school official. Brian Franks, executive director of facilities development and operations, said that the water leak developed from a tub converter on the second floor, causing water to go behind … Continue reading Water leakage problems in West Village repaired this week