Veteran puts his spin on tornadoes

The clouds turned gray, creating a blanket of darkness in the sky. The wind began to swirl, picking up little bits of dust and debris and lightning lit up the sky like the beginning of a Friday night football game in a small Texas town. It began to drizzle and the air was warm and … Continue reading Veteran puts his spin on tornadoes


In Russia with love

My favorite thing about growing up and living in Fort Worth is seeing smiling faces every day. We’re a friendly town. Travel + Leisure says we’re the seventh friendliest in the country. On the personal friendly scale, I tip decidedly toward the bubbly type. I talk to anybody and everybody. So my nerves flared after learning I would be visiting Travel + Leisure’s least friendly city in the world.

Queen of the Table

By Brianna Kessler published by Fort Worth Weekly Megan Morris stands at the end of a long white table. Her opponent faces her at the other end. Eight feet separate these modern gladiators.Money, reputation, pride, and opportunity are on the line. Morris tunes out every distraction and lines up her next shot. Inside this bustling suburban … Continue reading Queen of the Table


“We have a problem in this country. It’s called Muslims,” Donald Trump said recently. Derogatory comments like this are, once again, sweeping across the nation and corrupting America’s fragile social system. Anti-Muslim rhetoric is being used more and more in today’s news, political campaigns and mainstream media. This growing sentiment in our nation initially began … Continue reading STOP THE DISCRIMINATION OF MUSLIMS