On the Fly Marketing is a digital marketing, print design, and social media management start-up company by Brianna Kessler.

“I offer affordable professional social media and digital marketing services with a quick turn-around that deliveries big results on small marketing budgets. I grew up working in my father’s restaurants and continued to work in family owned businesses during and after college. I feel a personal connection with small businesses and enjoy facilitating their success in any way I can.”


I graduated from Texas Wesleyan University, Cum Laude, in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication. During my time at Texas Wesleyan, I was a content producer, reporter, and rotating editor for The Rambler, Wesleyans newspaper. In addition, I interned and freelanced at Cassata High School, Fort Worth Magazine, and Fort Worth weekly, while serving on the weekends at a locally owned Steak House.

After graduation, I worked in the industries for about a year and half before deciding to pursue a M.A. in UX Design. I have completed about half of my M.A. degree and will finish up the rest at a later date. At the moment, my main focus is freelancing and building relationships with local entrepreneurs like my father and I.


I create and manage top-performing social media campaigns and WordPress websites for businesses. I have industry experience managing business profiles on social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Instagram. I am proficient with leading industry design software that allows me to create brochures, menus, banners, flyers, postcards, and top-notch print and online advertisements.   

  • Social Media management
  • Digital content creation
  • Search engine services
  • Website design services
  • Print design & mailing
  • Blogging & Newsletters
  • Brand awareness
  • Email Marketing
  • & Much More


The Rambler | Cassata High School |Fort Worth Magazine | Fort Worth Weekly | Humane Society of North Texas | Howell Instruments, Inc. | Guitar’s & Cadillac’s | Del Pietro’s Italian Restaurant |George’s Italian Kitchen | West Bound Trading Co. |Inventor Donna K. Jackson |Bedrock Auto Sales


My pricing ranges from $50 – $1200 per project and per month on average. The price varies based upon each client’s project goals, marketing needs and budget. *Advertising Dollars. This is solely the decision of the client. However, I will make a recommended budget based upon your campaign needs to expedite the process and grow faster. I initially implement an organic approach to build loyal genuine followers, engagement, and brand awareness and then combine organic free advertising with a series of paid ads to expand the market and reach new customers.  


Contact Brianna Kessler, Freelance digital marketer and designer to discuss your business needs and get a personalized free marketing plan.   

W: ontheflymarketing.org | P: 817.366.4013 | E: briannakessler.unt.edu

ON THE FLY MARKETING | Social media marketing & Design Services for Small businesses.

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