About the UNT MA IXD Program

I was accepted into the University of North Texas’s MA in IxD program, a 30-credit-hour, graduate-level program in May 2018! Professor Micheal Gibson was so helpful and really helped me in my decision to apply. He was super informative and took his time to explain the program to me and answer any questions. Check out the MA IXD site to learn more!


No GRE Required YAY!
3.0 Undergrad GPA
Letter of Intent


For those looking to develop their career and design leadership capacity, The University of North Texas’ MA in Design with a concentration in Interaction Design (IxD) can be the launch pad. The degree is designed to help individuals and organizations gain the skills, methods, and experiences needed to define meaningful, effective and successful human-centered products, services, and systems.

My Experience

I am on the fence about completing the degree and returning to the program. I completed 2 semesters and enjoyed my courses, professors, and classmates but do not feel UX is right for me.

However, with that said, It was a great experience. learned design thinking techniques and agile methodologies that can be applied to digital marketing. UX design is all about studying how people interact with technology and designing with the user in mind.

Focusing on user needs is more important now than ever before and understanding and applying UX methods in the graphic communication and technology world is essential.

The courses are centered primarily around UX and app design but the design principles apply to all forums of graphic communication. Although, UX design is still very intriguing to me and something I am quite interested in it’s not my niche.

Learn More at: https://unt-ixd.com/learn/

Check out some of the UX Articles, videos and books listed below if you’d like to learn more..

Steve Jobs UX Principles

The Design of Everyday Things

Rocket Surgery Made Easy: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Finding and Fixing Usability Problems

How to design breakthrough inventions

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