7 Instagram Accounts to follow for Digital Marketers & Designers

It is important to cultivate a cohesive professional social media image for yourself before becoming a social media manager for a company. You are a brand, so make sure to represent yourself as one.  I studied marketing, PR, and Journalism at Texas Wesleyan University during my undergrad.  During this time, I freelanced for a few local newspapers and magazines. After, I worked as a communication coordinator for a non-profit animal shelter and a marketing assistant for an aerospace engineering company. The sites I chose to share are a mix of the various industries that I love. I follow these accounts for inspiration and digital media marketing development.

7 Instagram Accounts to follow for Digital Marketers & Designers

1. Interaction Design Foundation 
IG:@ interaction_design_foundation 
Industry: Non-profit design education 
Bio: Learn about UX Design through our open-source educational materials as well as our offering of online, self-paced UX Design courses!

2. Adobe Creative
IG: @adobecreativecloud 
Industry: Computer Creativity software company
Bio: “With the world moving fast, we’re focusing this month on all things 📹. Share your videography, animations, & more with #Adobe_InMotion.”

3. NPR, Journalism
Industry: Non-profit media 
Bio: “What We (Don’t) Talk About When We Talk About Porn n.pr/2S51cmz”

4. Spotify
IG: @Spotify 
Industry: Digital music service 
Bio: “Music for every moment. Play, discover and share for free. On Snapchat: Spotifyspoti.fi/AreAndBe”

5. National Geographic Travel 
IG: @ natgeotravel
Industry: Travel Magazine 
Bio: “It’s a big world. Explore it through the lens of our photographers. natgeo.com/wildlifetourism”

6. Poopouri 
IG: @poopourri
Industry: Home Goods 
Bio: “Poo~Pourri 💩 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 20,000+ 5-star reviews
A poop-positive brand taking the stink out of the thing we *all* do. #LetThat💩Go linkin.bio/poopourri”

7. SPCA 
IG: @spcatexas
Industry: Non-profit Animal Welfare 
Bio: The official Instagram account for the SPCA of Texas. Follow us for your daily dose of adorable! #spcatexas spcafindapet.com

How these companies present themselves on SM like a Boss! 
I chose these accounts to share due to their phenomenal social media presence. These accounts are extremely successful due to their consistent engagement with their followers and successful content curation. They all manage to represent their industry in every post and make their content relevant to current events and their industry. In addition, they keep all posts visually cohesive.

How they share and comment
All of the accounts listed above present themselves in a professional creative manner.

@Poopouri because this company gained brand recognition purely off social media! They always post fun and engaging content, that is relevant to their brand. In my opinion, Poop perfume can’t be the easiest thing to market and this company has successfully and tastefully used bathroom humor on social media to grow a $30 million-dollar business. 
@adobecreativecloud makes sure that each post has a high quality vibrant professional photograph that inspires creativity and design! In addition, they promote other accounts by sharing their photographs and tagging their accounts to credit their work. 
@ natgeotravel also posts high quality vibrant professional photographs each time. Although, they tell a story in their text to promote their magazine articles. 
I chose @Spotify because I am obsessed with their UX and IXD design! I use this app every day all day and appreciate and admire their work. Therefore, I like to research and observe how they interact with users outside of their app-based service. They seem to be just as successful with social media as they are app design.

What makes these accounts credible?
Each one of these accounts has Verified badges that help people more easily find them and validate their brand. In addition, almost all these accounts have reached a million followers or more. 

My Social Media Presence 
I created a travel Instagram account a while back to promote my travel blog/digital portfolio. I used to share my published articles and design/communication work on my personal account, but I stopped after undergrad. I would like to focus on my travel Instagram for this course and drive traffic to my website and showcase my social media skills.

I chose to post 6 travel photos on Instagram, with a quote or fact, to help craft my professional social presence and promote my travel blog and digital portfolio. I chose Instagram for all my posts because Instagram is the best platform for posting photos.

The professional Identity of my @Breezy_Around_The_World This Instagram account was created to share the many benefits of traveling. I believe traveling is the greatest educational experience. I would like to show that when I travel, I can use my mass communication and design skills to share my experience with the world in a qualified manner. This activity can help promote my image as a journalist, designer, and social media manager as an example of cohesively planned content curation.

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Whatever your field of study may be, it is always important to keep a professional social media presence. Social media is a great way to stay connected with friends, family, and the world around you. It is also a powerful networking tool that can help you meet others in your professional industry and showcase your work! Your social media accounts can be used to create a brand for yourself. Conversely, they can also impact your professional career negatively if not managed properly.

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