6 Life Lessons from Jordan Peterson

Life isn’t that complicated! It’s simple, become a better person and you can be good for things and solve problems. It’s psychologically meaningful and practical to pursue the highest of goals and the development of character to make the material world less terrible.

  1. Happiness should not be your life goal!
  2. There is plenty of suffering in this world, so be grateful for happiness. If something surprising happens that makes you happy enjoy it.
  3. You should be pursuing who you could be in this world!
  4. Life is short and troublesome so make sure to do the most worth whole thing. Work on your character and fix your bad characteristics.
  5. Be someone who can be relied upon in a crisis.
  6. Listen to your conscience and do the right thing! It is a discipline to listen to your internal self. Those who can listen to their conscience can avoid malevolence.

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