Interviewing Tips

Insights from Interviewing Users
Research has gone from being an outsider to the norm. 
Tips: Self Design- Do not design for yourself despite being the user. 
Gaining insight vs. persuading the Organization- Make sure you learn something new and profound. Do not just persuade the to like the new product. You want to discover insight not sell a new design. 

User Insight in the Design Process Common Goal: Tp gather information about users in order to support the organization when creating products services, and more. 

Interviewing can also be referred to as User Research Site Visits Contextual Research Design Research Ethnography

The goal is to deeply understand people in their context and environment to reveal a deep understanding of people that informs design and business problems. 

The insight that come from studying users not only inform design but also inspire it. 

Sometimes, the stated goal of interviewing users is to uncier their paing points — Often known as needs.  

Satisficing- What designers and engineers see as “Pain points” aren’t necessarily that painful for people. The term saticficing, coined by Herbert Simon in 1956 (Combing satisfy and suffice), refers to people’s tolerance– IF not overall embracing — Of “good enough” Solutions. In other words, people find the pain of the problem to be less annoying than the effort to solve it.     

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