Successful Social Media Takes More Time and Knowledge Than You Think

True social media marketing success should always be measurable and properly planned. Solely measuring the number of posts, likes, or followers your company page has is a waste of time and does nothing. These are great tactics but always ask yourself how can social media be utilized to achieve organizational goals, budget, and mission successfully?

By now this is obvious your probably thinking duh its 2017! But this simple question will help you continually implement proper social media tactics and goals.

Step one: Ask yourself these questions: What do you want to achieve out of this? What are your goals? Are there more than one? Why do you want to promote your organization on social media? What can I achieve out of this? How do I achieve this successfully? Is the ROI worth it?

Step two: Once you understand your goals, needs and budget find out how much it will cost to implement this. How much time it takes an employee to be successful at this? How much experience does your employee need to be successful at this? Knowing these two things can help you reach your goals effectively and efficiently without wasting employee time and marketing expenses.

Step three: Even if you are not social-savvy you should take the time to understand the essential elements of successful social media content, the skills needed to generate that content, the skills needed to measure that content, the time it takes per post, per ad, per campaign, per employee, and as a team.

So you’ve created a social media postion for your company. How should they spend their time? What should they be doing? What should they be producing?

What your social media coordinator and team should be doing to produce effective successful content: 

    • General content planning  (create campaigns that have specific goals, CTA, timeline, theme, budget, landing page, tactics, engagement, and system set in place to measure that goal
  • Creative content curation is Key 

Stay Tuned for more!

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