A little Self Reflection

After interviewing for a Digital Media Coordinator position today, I decided to reflect on the skills I have gained over the years. My experience at HSNT, as the Communication and Fundraising Coordinator, in 2016, was a great learning opportunity that has instilled the initiative driven and problem-solving mindset, I now have today.

I find it important to note that, I was required to wear multiple hats and work on various projects efficiently to meet deadlines. I was in charge of creative content curation among various digital platforms, which consumed the majority of my time. In addition, I was required to report the digital fundraising campaign results from our website, social platforms, direct mail, and weekly email newsletters to the Board Members each month in our monthly communication Budget report. This role challenged me to create impactful, meaningful messages to drive change that could be supported by data to define results and measure success. 

I compiled data from google analytics, WordPress insights, Mail chimp analytics, Facebook ads manager and Facebook insights to satisfy HSNT Board Members. Donations were tracked via Abilia fundraising software and social campaign success, in regards to giving, was measured by tracking link clicks through Abilia. 

I implemented a similar strategy during my time at Howell, Instruments, Inc, as the Marketing Assitant, which persuaded the Marketing Director to give me a monthly budget to run paid social ads on our Facebook page for the first time. She supported my interest in developing my social media skills and entrusted my social media marketing creativity. Thus inspiring me to strengthen my digital communication and design skills in the MA User Experience and Interaction design program, I attend today. 

I use both my left and right brain when working on projects. I am creative, think visually, and love design, analytical, and strategic. I understand that measurable data is essential to support design decisions and marketing campaigns. I was able to strengthen my analytical communication abilities in the data visualization and design class, I took last semester. The course taught me the importance of visually compelling quantitative information and how to turn qualitative information into quantitative and measurable visual presentations to support research campaigns, persuade audiences, influence users, and educate the masses.

I am a creative communications professional driven by meaningful messages. Working in an evolving creative agency would provide me with the company culture and mission in which I thrive.

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