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Five Must-Have Gadgets That Will Transform The Way You Work And Travel

The airport has become the new office for the majority of on-the-go businesspeople. Travel and work have become harmonious for the majority of today’s top executives. As if budgeting a typical workweek wasn’t stressful enough, many now have the task of calculating travel time into their work schedules. These five top-of-the-line gadgets will help create a more efficient and productive work environment that will allow you to turn just about any airport or plane into a hassle-free office space.

(A) BlueSmart Luggage The BlueSmart carry-on luggage line is the ideal business partner for today’s global market place. This modern and sleek suitcase is equipped with a built-in battery pack, digital scale and GPS. Charge all your essential items without wandering around looking for an outlet for hours. Innovative technology allows you to download the BlueSmart app on your phone to track your suitcase and automatically lock and unlock the bag from the palm of your hand. Easy accessible pockets allow you to pack and unpack your electronic devices quickly. Preorder your BlueSmart travel companion today for $339 at bluesmart.Com and become the envy of the office.

(B) CLEAR Travel Card Time is money, as we all know. Hours can be wasted standing in security lines at the airport. With the CLEAR travel card, you or your employees can skip the security checkpoints and make it to the gate in half the time. This leaves more time for business meetings or client interactions and less time and money wasted on missed flights and endless security lines. For as low as $15 a month or $179 annually, you can breeze through security and save valuable time. Predict the true value of the CLEAR card by using the calculator on clear.Com and make sure to enter your company’s information to get a corporate quote online.

(C) Goal Zero Flip 20 Portable Charger Stay charged up on the go with the Goal Zero Flip 20 portable recharger. This little device is equipped with a flip USB to ensure tangle-free charging and has the ability to produce up to 200 percent of backup power for your smart phone. This device is ready for wherever life may take you. Charge the Flip 20 by connecting the Nomad 7 solar panel to use solar energy or simply use a USB power outlet. So whether you’re off to the airport to tackle another out-of-town business trip or exploring the outdoors for a little relaxation, you can ease your peace of mind by knowing you will not miss another important phone call due to a dead battery. You can order the Flip 20 portable recharger for $50 at goalzero.com.

(D) Power Card Another option for staying charged on the go is the new power card by uncommongoods. This sleek and stylish portable charger is the size of a credit card. It’s a small and powerful leap in technology that can charge your iPhone up to 60 percent. For only $35 at uncommongoods.Com, this device will become one of the most powerful cards in your wallet.

(E) Kensington WordLock Portable Combination Laptop Lock Kensington WordLock portable combination laptop lock is a genius, yet simple product that will allow you to protect your laptop and safeguard important data anytime and anywhere. In today’s fast-paced office environment (the airport), it is easy to walk away from your “desk” and leave your Mac unattended. This stress reliever can easily be installed and uninstalled with one hand. Available at apple.com for $27.95.

Published by Fort Worth Magazine

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