Appetizing Acquisition

El Fenix restaurant chain recently purchased the historic Kress Building in downtown Fort Worth, located at 604 Main St., just around the corner from Sundance Square. The first floor, which was previously home to the popular sports tavern, Fox and Hound, will be turned into a magnificent new restaurant, according to Robert Clinesmith, asset manager for Karns Commercial Real Estate.

The historic building was built in 1936 by S.H. Kress, a department store entrepreneur, who ultimately established 250 buildings across America in trendy areas such as New York, New Orleans and Hollywood. Today only 50 of those buildings remain, many of which are classified as landmarks.

In 2006 the upper floors of the Kress building were converted into 24 apartment lofts, and in 2007 the building was officially listed in the U.S. register of historic places.

El Fenix, which was bought by Firebird Restaurant Group in 2008, runs and operates four major restaurants including El Fenix, Snuffer’s Restaurant and Bar, Meso Maya and Taqueria La Ventana and even their own supply company, Sunrise Mexican Foods.

The restaurant group has already established 35 locations throughout Texas and Oklahoma and is said to be in major expansion mode at the moment.

In March Triton Commercial Real Estate, an associate of Firebird Restaurant group, financed the new space for $5.4 million from the previous owners, Kress Ft. Worth Llc.

As of now, it is unknown which of the four trademarks will occupy the new residence.

Published by:Fort Worth Magazine

—Brianna Kessler

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