Texas Wesleyan University’s security manager feature

Blake Bumbard, Texas Wesleyan University’s security manager, has been overseeing security at the university for more than two years.

Bumbard graduated from Stephen F. Austin University in 1997 with a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and law enforcement administration.

Previously Bumbard was the relationship manager for the security company Guardsmark, the university’s previous security company.

Throughout his five years at Guardsmark, Bumbard worked closely with Texas Wesleyan University, He said.

“I built a strong relationship with the previous security manager Shelia Barnes,” Bumbard said. “I really enjoyed working with the university.”

Bumbard joined the university’s security department in October 2012.

He brings with him 20 years of experience in security management for higher education and emergency management.

Bumbard started his career in law enforcement, as a night walker and traffic officer at SFA University in 1995.

After graduation he attended the police academy at the University of North Texas, where he later worked as a patrol officer. He was in charge of bike patrol and officer training.

Bumbard enjoys being a part of a private Christian university like Wesleyan, he said.

“I love the university environment and campus policing,” Bumbard said. “It is like working in a small town.”

Bumbard, originally from the small east Texas town of Athens, returned home in 2001 and worked as a police officer for Trinity valley community college.

When working in a campus community you experience the turnover rate in students, said Bumbard.

“You see the same situations occur over and over again but with different students,” he said. “This has helped me gain experience in dealing with typical campus situations.”

Bumbard, initially majored in English but after his elective class Intro to criminal justice his path changed he said.

“The class was taught by a sergeant from the Tyler police department,” Bumbard said. “I loved it.”

When he started school at Tyler Junior College Bumbard was very active in the criminal justice student association, he said.

“The program was great. It really helped me,” said Bumbard. “It is important that students in criminal justice gain as much experience and education in the field as possible.”

Bumbard enjoys working in higher education and interacting with the students, staff and faculty.

You have more opportunities to make a difference in campus policing than you do when you work in a large city, he said.

“This has been a very exciting and rewarding career path,” Bumbard said. “I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

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