2015 Texas Wesleyan Graduate feature story

Chris Shaddix has been waiting for the day he would graduate college.

Shaddix is proudly graduating with a bachelor’s of liberal arts degree from Texas Wesleyan University on May 16, 2015.

He has been counting up the years until he would graduate from college since he started grade school.

“I remember thinking to myself how strange the numbers sounded for the year of my graduation,” Shaddix said. “I definitely didn’t expect the numbers to be 2-0-1-5.”

As a kid growing up in the 90s, Shaddix said he pictured this year to be full of robots and excitement.

“I thought I would get to do whatever I wanted as an adult,” Shaddix said. “I saw myself traveling the futuristic world and having fun.”

Shaddix has been pursuing higher education ever since he graduated from high school in 2005.

“Imagine playing M.A.S.H in your head and planning out your entire life as a kid,” Shaddix said. “By this time I pictured myself already married with a house and a mortgage.”

However, as a boy, he didn’t realize how long and challenging the road ahead would be.

“I had everything strategically planned,” he said. “I was going to be living in an apartment overlooking a big city somewhere and driving a Ferrari. I even knew how many kids I would have – three.”

Shaddix has attended five universities in the past 10 years and finally found the school for him.

“Texas Wesleyan is a school that shares my values of community, hard work and equality in diversity,” he said. “I found a school where the faculty truly care about my success in the real world.”

Shaddix hopes to obtain a state job in the criminal victim’s service field or as a litigation paralegal where he can build upon his values, he said.

“I’m honored to say I have stuck with school and overcame the many burdens that come along with balancing school and work,” he said. “It is almost hard to imagine myself after school, and I still dream of that Ferrari.”

Even though it’s not exactly what he pictured himself doing, he is still proud of his accomplishments.

“Today, I imagine my future life to hold great things,” Shaddix said. “I think the younger Chris would be proud of me today.”

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